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  • Kerri S. Wilson


Falling is painful, and, depending on how hard one falls, it can also be very damaging. Though I wish it weren't true I’ve fallen a lot in my lifetime.

The first significant fall I remember experiencing was when I was about four years old. I jumped off of the stage at our church and fell and hit my head on the corner of the first pew. I busted a portion of my forehead open and had to go to the emergency room for stitches. I became so hysterical over the ordeal the nurses had to put me in a straight jacket to hold me down so they could take care of my injury.

I was in elementary school when I experienced another significant fall. I decided to play chicken on the big kid monkey bars and fell and hit the back of my head. I had to spend the night in the hospital for observation to make sure I did not have a concussion.

I climbed everything I could, so I fell a lot when I was a child. I still climb things sometimes even now, but I’ve not fallen much since becoming an adult. I did fall the other day, however, and I think it's the most significant fall I’ve ever experienced. I fell down our stairs from the top to the bottom, and I was pretty shaken up when I landed. I was lucky to not have broken any bones or killed myself.

I’ve fallen a lot on my spiritual journey with the Lord as well and have found myself pretty banged up. Some falls have been more significant than others. Falling has been painful, damaging, mind-numbing, and has even caused me to feel a bit hysterical. I hate falling, and I would rather not fall if I can avoid it, but, for me, falling seems to be inevitable.

Though falling has proven to be a very unpleasant experience, like after falling as a kid and after falling down the stairs, I'm thankful I've been able to get back up. Yes, I’ve had to stop long enough to heal, but I’ve received the help I've needed from Him. He’s always picked me up and set my feet straight to start over.

Maybe, like me, you've found yourself falling. Maybe you're lying on your back in a heap of

painful, damaging, and mind-numbing disappointment. Calm down. Stop and take a deep breath. Take time to allow Him to help you recoup and regroup. Falling may be part of the journey, but staying down doesn't have to be an option. With Him there is always space to get up and begin again.

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