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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Louder Than Words

“And they recognized that they had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13b, ESV).

These words jumped off of the page at me as I read Acts 4:13. The apostles’ boldness of speech but lack of education had already been noted, so it seems this last portion of the verse was tagged on to offer additional explanation beyond what had already been made obvious. Besides the fact they talked freely about Him it seems something significant caused others to recognize the apostles’ association with Jesus. I wonder what it was, exactly, but the verses before and after give no further clarification.

I have been pondering these words in my heart over the past few days, and I’ve wondered if others around me recognize my association with Jesus. Do I bear the fruit of relationship with Him? Does my countenance and do my behaviors testify of His influence over my life? Yes, I speak of Him often, but do I live louder than my words? It’s much easier to talk about Jesus than it is to live and behave like Him.

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