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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Take and Believe

He met them and walked and talked with them in the garden every morning, which seems evident of His desire for relationship with the humanity He created. Yes, He gave them things to do-—He gave them purpose, but relationship is what appears to have been His paramount interest. And their obedience to duty was meant to come from that relationship. I've tried giving to others from obedient duty to Him without relationship with Him, but doing so left me dark, lonely, and empty. And though a need was met, the provision was only temporary. Giving from my dark, lonely, empty, and limited self offers no enduring life to anyone. It's unnecessary to serve others for Him from this abyss, and it can and should be done differently. Whenever I meet with Him, His presence fills me with His love and joyful light. And when I give out from my moments with Him, even when my surroundings are bleak and the task at hand is overwhelming, I am never left dark, lonely, empty, or limited. As I fulfill His purpose from the love and light He's given me through my relationship with Him there's potential for the miraculous. Though earthly food and water are absolutely necessary, there's a limit to what it can do. And there's even a limit to what my own love can do. But there's no limit to God's love nor the peace that comes from Him. It's His peace and love that sustain even when earthly provision is lacking. Most are willing to take food and water, but, sadly, however, many are unwilling to acknowledge and receive His love and peace. I think it might be because love and peace seem intangible and unable to relieve the immediate plight. But He can do anything for anyone even with what seems intangible and when it seems impossible. I can give only what I have, and I'll eventually run out of my own limited resources. But I'll never run out of the life He gives whenever I'm engaged in relationship with Him. It's the most precious thing I have to offer. I cannot force anyone to take or believe, but, oh, how I hope many do. This relationship with Him is available to more than just me or a mere few. It's available to whomever wants it. It's where we find whatever we need. And it's provision is enduring and everlasting. Will you take and believe? I hope you do.

"Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! for the Scriptures declare, 'Rivers of living water will flow from his heart'" (John 7:38, NLT).

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