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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Thanks, God!

I woke at 4:30 a.m. and sighed as I prepared to take my husband to the airport to catch his flight to Maryland. I was originally supposed to accompany him, but that plan had changed a few weeks prior. Maryland is a favorite place of mine to visit, and I had been looking forward to the trip, so I was sorely disappointed to not be going.

I went into the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee for my drive to and from the airport and was met with the pile of

dishes in the sink left from the previous night's dinner. There were too many for the dishwasher, so I had left them for the next load. I looked at the dishes, sighed, and thought to myself, “It’s the chore that never ends.”

When I returned from my airport run I went to the laundry room to transfer clothes from the washing machine to the dryer. Then I started another load and sighed again as I thought, “Another chore that never ends.” I was feeling drained, disappointed, discouraged, and a bit discontented.

I considered going back to bed, but, instead, I refilled my coffee cup and went out to take in a few quiet and peaceful moments on my patio. I sat then sighed as I noticed some of the roses on my rose bushes were ready to be pruned again. I picked up my garden shears and walked over to start cutting away the flowers that had dried up and wilted.

He knew I'd see it, and I saw it immediately. It was a pink rose with a random red stripe on one of its petals. I stopped and stared with perplexed fascination at its anomalous beauty and thought, "Wow, how did that happen?" I cannot describe the pure joy I received from discovering this simple miracle of God’s creation. I stood amazed by God’s artistry and was equally amazed by God’s timing. I think He wanted to remind me I am never left neglected or alone, so He made the rose especially for me. My experiences with Him are my only proof.

Thanks, God! I really needed that!

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