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  • Kerri S. Wilson

The Yellow Chair

We had been married for about ten years, and we were finally able to afford to buy new living room furniture. We had never bought new furniture, and all we had was given to us. We weren’t ungrateful for the hand-me-downs, but we were ready for something new and of our personal taste.

I fell in love with it immediately when I saw it. It was a yellow chair and ottoman set, and we bought it and brought it home. I was overprotective of this new chair of mine. I’m sure our friends who frequented our home remember well when they came over how I staked my claim to it. No one was allowed to sit in it while eating, drinking or using a pen. I was inhospitable over my new chair because I did not want it to become soiled.

To open up the middle space of our living room we would move the ottoman to a spot below our picture window. Soon after purchasing the chair and ottoman set we had to leave the house for most of a day. When we left, as usual, the ottoman was below our picture window. We returned home that afternoon, and I decided to sit down in my chair. I reached for the ottoman and immediately noticed globs of a white and gray creamy substance all over the top of the ottoman cushion. I was stunned. It was in perfect condition when we left that morning. But now it was completely soiled, and there was no explanation for how the mess got there. No one had been in our house all day.

Suddenly we heard a chirping sound coming from downstairs. We investigated and found a bird had been trapped in our house. It didn’t take us long to figure it out. In its attempts to escape through our picture window, each time it hit the window the bird released droppings—right on top of my ottoman cushion. All I could do was laugh. What poetic justice! After all of my stinginess, it was exactly what I deserved. It is needless for me to say, but I became less protective and selfish with my chair.

Maybe I’m a little crazy, but I believe God sent that bird to my house. I don’t believe His intent was to mock or punish me for my selfish behavior. But I think He wanted me to move beyond my stuffiness over that piece of furniture. I believe He had special plans for Him and me there. It ended up becoming my meeting place with Him, and I’ve spent many mornings sitting with coffee, pen and Bible in hand and my heart opened to receive from Him. I’ve experienced a very special journey with my Savior while sitting in my yellow chair.

About nineteen months ago we moved and put my yellow chair along with all of our other belongings in storage. We’ve now found a new place to settle and have started unpacking all of our things. I’ve looked forward to unpacking my yellow chair the most. It’s worn now. It’s a little less comfortable. And I can still see the spots left from our bird visitor. But my memories of my time spent with my best friend are what stand out the most.

No, the chair was not necessary for my relationship with Him. I found other places to commune with Him while my chair was in storage. But the chair came into my life when God began changing me.

My yellow chair is no longer a new piece of furniture, but I still love it. I love it for different reasons, now. I love it because it is where my most precious relationship was developed and strengthened.

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