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  • Kerri S. Wilson

He Knows My Name

A recent conversation with a friend triggered a childhood memory I haven’t spent much time thinking about. My friend had opened up to share something very personal, but I found myself unable to offer life because I was overcome with unexpected grief from what was said. The grief was confusing to me in light of all of the healing God has brought to my life. I couldn’t understand why I felt so sorrowful. I wanted to be a life-gifter not a griever. My grief made me feel selfish, worthless and useless, but I spent the next several hours grieving silently while going about my day.

I woke the next morning with the grief still lingering as I prepared to attend the Sunday morning service of the church I attend. Though I wanted to stop grieving I could not, so I put a smile on my face and went to church hoping to receive strength.

About mid-way through the service the kid’s choir came onto the stage to sing. They sang their first song then transitioned into their second song and sang the following words.

He knows my name

Every step that I take

Every move that I make

Every tear that I cry

And He knows my name

When I’m overwhelmed by the pain

And can’t see the light of day

I know I’ll be just fine

Cause He knows my name

I’ve heard this song many times, and its words always bless me. But this time the experience of hearing the song seemed more significant because kids were singing it. I connected my childhood memory and the song and scene together and received strength from Him.

God knows my name. He knew my name before I was born. He knew it when I was a child. He's known it when I've struggled through difficult things I did not understand. He knows my name, and He knew I needed to be reminded. So He sent a group of kids to remind me and to let me know I’m not worthless even when I am filled with grief and feeling selfish and useless.

I'm thankful He knows my name. He knows yours as well.

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