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Jae's Thoughts

The following was written by my daughter, Jaelyn. She has given me permission to share.


By Jaelyn Elle Wilson

“If only I wasn’t hurt I would be happy.”

“If only I wasn’t lied to I would trust.”

“If only I wasn’t taken advantage of I would care more.”

Stop blaming others for my issues!

Stop denying that I’m actually the issue!

“If only I would forgive I would be happy.”

“If only I would forgive I would trust.”

“If only I would forgive I would care more.”

I stop myself from doing things I could do because of things in my past.

I do that because I have not forgiven.

Take a look at the way I handle things.

Reevaluate my thought process.

Go a little deeper in my heart.

I may be living my entire life holding back because of one simple thing I have not done.


We have this way of handling things.

We build up walls to protect ourselves.

But, really, all we’re doing is hurting ourselves more.

Yes, it may be keeping out the bad.

But it’s also keeping out all the possible good.

#forgiveness #healing #possibilities

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