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Jaelyn's Thoughts

Below is a piece written by my sixteen-year-old daughter, Jaelyn. She has given me permission to share her thoughts with you.


By Jaelyn Elle Wilson

She was optimistic enough to not be negative.

But she was pessimistic enough to not allow her hopes to get up.

She was strong and independent.

And she wouldn’t let others with small thoughts destroy or affect her.

She forgave quickly—maybe a little too quickly.

She was humble enough to be kind.

And she was proud enough to be confident.

She had her own opinions that didn’t disrespect others.

She knew the difference between standing up for right and just plain arguing.

She was cautious to the point of having good judgment.

But she was spontaneous enough to enjoy life.

She loved people who were kind.

She drew near to genuine hearts.

She asked questions in a way that didn’t seem like she was questioning.

She trusted enough to have friends.

And she was careful enough to not get walked over.

She looked back at the past and saw people who did her wrong.

But she did not feel anger, hate or even sadness.

She felt pity but not in the downgrading way; she genuinely felt sorry.

Knowing how it must be to live in ways that hurt others made her hurt.

Like I said, she forgave quickly, but then, again, maybe not too quickly at all.

Maybe others just forgive too slowly.

Maybe, when compared to the rest, she forgave quickly.

Correction—she forgave at the right time—right away.

She never noticed how people looked up to her.

She never saw how she made people laugh or smile.

She was too busy just being herself.

She always saw good in others.

And she forgot the bad.

People asked how she had been.

She replied quickly with no thought at all and said she was good.

She asked the same question of them.

And she asked with deep concern and desire to hear their honest response.

She wasn’t shallow; she didn't constantly pay attention to herself; she never noticed.

She had a creative mind, strong heart, humble mouth and kind eyes.

She had an old soul but young desires.

And she had overflowing love.

She was what everyone wanted to be.

People never understood how she never knew how amazing she truly was.

I am done!

Now it’s your turn to describe how you desire to be.

#she #kindness #gracious

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