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I have noticed myself of late frequently ending my text messages with a typo. I keep ending them with the letter b rather than a period. And it's happened enough times, now, to become a joke between some of my friends and my family and me. A few of the meanings we've come up with for this accidental letter are beautiful, babe, boo and bbq. Even though it seems silly, and I never do it purposefully, I've come to enjoy leaving my little accidental b.

I am in the midst of moving to a new town to live alongside new people who, hopefully, will become lifelong friends. At least that's what I'm planning. But I'm an introvert, and, though I am not shy, meeting new people can be challenging for me. I like people, but I see myself as someone who is difficult to get to know because I tend to feel awkward and have to work at being inviting.

I recently added a little b by mistake to the end of a text message to one of my new friends, which resulted in a few moments of humorous dialogue. I was thrilled by the opportunity my typo created for us to become better acquainted. It provided us a point from which to connect and opened the door for the early establishment of relationship. My new friend's response to my little b made it clear we were on the same wave length, and I told my husband, "This gal and I will get along just fine." Though it seems insignificant, it's huge for me. My new friend's levity towards my erroneously placed b gave me life.

A lot has changed for me over the past several years. Some of the people in my life now are different than those who surrounded me before. So I have developed a deep appreciation for my old friendships that have remained as well as my new friendships that have been formed. I credit God for the people who are in my life. Relationships have been as much a provision from Him as everything else He has provided. And it's an extra blessing to have friends who "get" me. Connecting with others has made transition much easier, and my newest friend's response to the little b I mistakenly added to my communication with her helped ease my mind about my new transition.

Thank you, new friend b

#Friendship #Blessings #Godsprovision

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