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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Look At That!

I've spent some time over the past few days contemplating my life, and I keep telling myself, "Would you look at that!" The depths of God's love and the graciousness of His goodness towards me is overwhelming. There is so much to say about the work He is completing in me, but words often escape my ability to articulate. Sometimes all I can do is stop and stare silently with my mouth agape.

Would you look at that!

He introduced Himself to me when I was four or five years old, and it's the first time I remember officially meeting Him. He kept showing up—at seven, at nine, at eleven... Then when I was fourteen He showed up pretty dramatically. The truth is He was always present, but I didn't always notice Him. I look back now and realize His presence during my formative years was vital to my survival. I can see He carried me even when I didn't know I was being carried.

Look at it!

He began instructing me. I didn't know how to live life, but He patiently taught me. He gave me grace to stumble along the way but kept His hand available with every step I took. Though there were times I didn't want to live, He gave me reason for living. He opened my eyes to His light in the midst of darkness. He provided experiences for me to develop understanding of things in Him I had no ability to grasp on my own.

Just look at it!

He invited me to know Him—in suffering and in blessing. Sometimes the good and bad days happened seperately; other times they happened simultaneously. But in every moment He showed me His character and integrity. He revealed His thoughts towards me—thoughts of love, faithfulness, grace, and mercy. He modeled how I should love through His love for me. He drew close to me, pulled me into Himself, and changed my life.

Wow! What a stunning journey it has been! I'm a bit astonished, and I am also very thankful. My life with Him is a testament to what it means to have an incredible Father/child relationship.

Would you just look at that!

#Godisgood #Godisamazing #Thankful #Godiswonderful

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