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  • Kerri S. Wilson

We Make it Complicated

Two choices were offered in the beginning: life or knowledge. Though knowledge was available for the taking, God made it clear choosing knowledge would hinder access to life.

Life represents dependence on God; knowledge represents dependence on self. So, the choices were either receive life through dependence on God or struggle to try to save ourselves (without success) through knowledge. Sadly, man chose knowledge over life, and we've been struggling ever since. Yet we keep choosing self-reliance over God-reliance.

Children are dependent upon an outside source for their survival—up to a certain age they are incapable of surviving on their own. Without a provider and protector they will not thrive. Therefore, it is no wonder Jesus said we must be as children to enter His kingdom (to enter life). (See Matthew 18:3-4 and Luke 18:16-17.) To have life we must choose to rely on God like a dependent child.

Amazingly, we continue to face the choice between life or knowledge. Reliance on Him is what God desires from us. He doesn't force our choice, but He wants us to choose Him over self. He still offers life, and He still wants us to choose life just like in the beginning.

It's really not very complicated, but we keep making it complicated!

#chooselifeordeath #Godreliance #Selfpreservation

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