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My Daughter's Heart

My 16-year old daughter wrote the poem below as well as the explanation at the end. I've decided to share. I cannot express the joy I feel when I am offered a glimpse into the heart of my kids. These gems are God's little gifts to me.

Inner Conscience of Fear

By Jaelyn Elle Wilson

Day by day people sway not knowing what's to come.

Yet every day people go to greet the burning sun.

Trapped inside their little bubble,

not worried about the huddle.

Living by a clock like the day is not their last.

Yet not knowing for certain if this day will pass.

Zooming by on their feet,

all worried about the obsolete.

But there they go!

Still not knowing what the future holds.

"How?" it asked. "How can you be so mellow?"

I replied, "My life is short, not forever."

"So I'm going to make it worth my effort."

"Why waste my time,

worrying about the unknown?"

An additional thought from Jaelyn:

The poem above is something I wrote a few months ago. I feel like, sometimes, a lot of us get captured by our fear and let it control our life and actions. But I think we should not let it control us. We should live life and let God take care of the unknown! The Bible says, "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps" (Proverbs 16:9, ESV). God puts desires in our hearts for a reason, so we shouldn't sit here and do nothing because it's not all planned out. God establishes our steps.

#TrustGod #Godsplan #MovingForward

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