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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Beyond the Middle

Beyond the Middle

By Kerri S. Wilson

It’s subtle; it happens over time.

But you wake up one morning knowing things are forever different.

Obvious change has happened along the way, but you suddenly feel a slight shift.

You would've missed it if you weren’t paying attention.

You were, so you didn’t.

Now you know!

Life as you’ve known it to be will never be the same.

Things, experiences, places, people...

The attachments that once called out to you simply fell away; the connection vanished.

You’re no longer drawn to what was comfortable.

You’ve passed the point of no return.

The terrain is different, the ground unsteady, and the view ahead a bit dim.

Still, you're pulled to commit; you're driven to move forward.

You've been beckoned away from mediocrity.

You've moved beyond the middle.

#BeyondtheMiddle #Movingforward #Thefuture

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