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  • Kerri S. Wilson

If Only...

A couple of days ago my husband told me to visualize myself some time in the future looking back to today. He asked if there was anything about my life now that I would regret later if it didn't change. After a moment of contemplation I said I would regret hesitating.

I asked a friend the other day for their input about some things in my life. I feel I have a lot of uncertainty without much clarity, but I'm trying to balance my desire for answers with trust in God. My friend said it appeared I lacked confidence for moving forward towards fulfilling my role in God's purpose and suggested I ask God for that confidence.

I've changed a lot over the course of my journey with the Lord, and I feel like I'm supposed to help others do the same. But I don't know how to facilitate change in others. I can't force people to change. Neither can I determine another's need to change nor identify for them what needs to change. People have to recognize their own need for change and then develop intrinsic desire to change. Just as I've had to do, they have to respond to God's pull to change.

This is the time when people make change commitments, and you may be declaring your own resolutions for change. Consider doing what my husband encouraged me to do. Visualize yourself some time in the future looking back to today. Will you have regret? Do you see something you will wish as different? Do you want to change? What will motivate you to change?

There will alway be things in me that need to change, and I want to always be willing to change. So I'm trying, and I'm asking God to help me. I'm asking Him to help me stop hesitating and to give me confidence to fulfill His purpose. I don't want to ever look back and say to myself, "If only I had changed."

#change #regret

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