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A Glimpse into the Heart of my Daughter

My fifteen year old daughter wrote the poem I have posted below. Every now and then I am offered a glimpse of how our journey has impacted our children's lives, and I am always amazed by and thankful for what I see. Jaelyn's poem fits wonderfully with my previous blog posts, so I thought I would share. Enjoy!

Bucket List

By Jaelyn Elle Wilson

- Love like I've never been hated

- Forgive like I've never been hurt

- Trust like I've never been lied to

- Jump like I've never fallen

- Speak up like I've never been ignored

- Ask like I've never been shut down

- Give like I've never lost

- Risk like I've never failed

- Remember like I've never had regret

- Sing like I've never been off key

- Care like I've never been pushed away

- Run like I've never tripped

- Dream like I've never heard of impossible

The minute you start holding back because of things in your past

Is the moment you stop living to your full potential

Your full potential to...

Love, forgive, trust, jump, speak, ask, give, risk, remember, sing, care, run and dream

#potential #moveforward

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