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I would like to hear from you. If you haven't already done so, read my blogs entitled "Be Better" and "The Struggle Is Real." To find these blogs click on the link to my blog page from your Facebook feed or google my link, Go to the top and click on Home. Then scroll down until you find the titles I recommended above for you to read. After you've read them, consider how the change process I shared is applicable to your life. Think about where you've come from to where you are today. Do you see change?

Consider and answer the following questions:

What changes has God made in you?

How have those changes helped you better fulfill the great and first commandment—love God; love others?

How has God helped you love Him completely, yourself unselfishly, and your neighbor, the least, and your enemy the way He loves them?

You've probably noticed that I tend to be transparent. I understand the cost of transparency. But I have found the cost worthy if my story helps another. I think others will be encouraged by your stories as well.

Answer the questions I have posed above. I would love for you to share your answers with me so I can share them in my upcoming posts. I will keep them anonymous. If you are inclined to share, you may do so through private message or by email. My email is Thanks for engaging.

#change #loveGod #loveothers

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