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  • Kerri S. Wilson

The Conquest

The Conquest

A Poem by Kerri S. Wilson

The lion does not devour me, though its roar deafens

The sea does not swallow me, though its tempest frightens

The wind does not break me, though its rage alarms

The fire does not burn me, though its heat scorches

The earth does not shake me, though its quake unbalances

The night does not blind me, though its blackness overshadows

I know Who stops the lion

I know Who calms the sea

I know Who masters the wind

I know Who quenches the fire

I know Who holds the earth

I know Who lightens the night

An enemy without wars against me but does not win

An enemy without is not my greatest enemy

An enemy within has power to overcome me and win

I am my greatest enemy

My Source of life is my Victor, the Conqueror of my soul

He strengthens me; He changes me

He protects me; He upholds me

He heals me; He anoints me

He never fails

He fights me for me

He wins

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